Welcome to the Premier Beach Club on the South Shore of Long Island

Welcome to the Premier Beach Club on the South Shore of Long Island

Welcome to the Premier Beach Club on the South Shore of Long IslandWelcome to the Premier Beach Club on the South Shore of Long IslandWelcome to the Premier Beach Club on the South Shore of Long Island

About Us


History of Green Harbour Beach Club

 "GHBC" opened its doors in 1958. Generations of  families have made the Green Harbour Beach Club in Massapequa their home for the summer. We maintain over 2 acres of beachfront property in Massapequa, Long Island. Located on the Great South Bay, there are a multitude of activities to enjoy. Our beach club showcases one of the best sunsets on the South Shore.​ 

We are a private member only beach club with a pool in Massapequa. However what makes us unique on Long Island, is that the Green Harbour Beach Club is open to all residents with no-residency/neighborhood restrictions.  


Why Join GHBC?

Every season has its special beauty. Summer is a time to enjoy the sun, relax and spend time with family and friends. There is no better place to do this than the Green Harbour Beach Club.   

Wondering what to do this summer?? ​Come join the Green Harbour Beach Club and begin creating memories that will last a lifetime! 

Limited Memberships still Available for the 2020 Season.  We would love for your family to share Summer with us!

Happy Summer, Everyone! 

The 2020 GHBC Board



Amenities and Activities

Beach / Pool Club Resort in Massapequa Long Island. Club House with Spectacular views of the Great South Bay. Full Size Swimming Pool & Kiddie Pool with Lifeguards. Beach Volleyball, Kayak Club and Storage. Jungle Gym, Basketball, Handball and Ping Pong. Outdoor Dining Area with 2 Gas BBQs.

Annual Calendar of Events

  • Memorial Day Party & July 4th Party
  • Live Music on the Beach
  • Movie Night & Bingo Night
  • Kids Make your Own Sundae
  • Camp Out
  • Kids Fishing and Crabbing Contest
  • Ladies Night / Adult Night
  • Kids Paint Night / Talent Night
  • Yoga on the Beach
  • Adult VolleyBall Competition
  • Labor Day Swim Races
  • Adult Cannon Ball Contest
  • End of the Season Party
  • Halloween Party

GHBC Apparel

Looking for Some Fun GHBC T-Shirts? More details coming Soon!


No upcoming events.



Dues and Payment Options


Green Harbour Beach Club 2019 Membership

New Member Initiation Fee: $1,700 (inclusive of tax)
One time fee payable by all new members. Can be paid all at once or with a two/three year payment option. 


Two Year Payment Plan:
First year of membership (2019), your initiation fee will be $850.00.
Second year of membership (2020), the balance of $850.00 will be due.

Three Year Payment Plan:
First Year of membership (2019), your initiation fee will be $566.66
Second Year of Membership (2020), your initiation fee will be $566.67
Third Year of Membership (2021), your balance of $566.67 will be due.

The initiation fee must be paid prior to the start of each season which is Memorial Day. It can be paid in any installments prior to Memorial Day.

2019 MEMBER DUES $2,100.00, plus tax = $2,281.13

$2,281.13 if new member defers first initiation payment to 2020

$2,847.79 for the 2019 Season - assuming 3 Year Payment Plan of Initiation Fee

$500 Due with Application, $1500 Due May 1st, 2019, Balance Due By Memorial Day - Start of Season

Membership dues and initiation fees are non-refundable once the club is officially open, as dictated by the Board of Directors, and include 8.625% NYS sales tax.  

Any request for a withdrawal must be received in writing and sent to the Beach Club’s official mailing address and postmarked prior to the date of the official club opening.  A $250 processing fee will be assessed.

For further details and questions please contact:
Cathy Strick

Secretary - Lori Wagner

To pay by check, please make your check payable to GHBC and mail to: 

GHBC  P.O. Box 315 Massapequa, NY 11758

2020 Membership Application

To join GHBC, please download the below membership application.



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


$2100.00, plus tax = $2,281.13

Via Credit Card or Paypal  

Total $2,349.56

Via Check Mailed to GHBC:

Total: $2,281.13 

All pay pal or credit card payments for membership or initiation fee will incur an additional 3%.

Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

If you are interested in a complimentary tour of the beach club, please feel free stop by the club during hours of operation and ask for the Club Manager or a Board Member to show you around!

Green Harbour Beach Club

110 Riviera Drive South Massapequa, New York 11758



Sunday, May 26 1pm – 9pm 

Monday, May 27 10am – 9pm 


Tuesday, May 28 thru Sunday, June 23 

Monday thru Thursday CLOSED 

Fridays 4pm – 10pm 

Saturdays 10am – 10pm 

Sundays 10am – 9pm 


Monday, June 24 – Thursday, June 27 (Last Week of Public School) Monday thru Thursday 11am – 9pm 


(Friday, June 28 – Monday, September 2) 

Monday thru Wednesday 10am – 9pm 

Thursday 10am – 10pm 

Friday and Saturday 10am – 11pm 

Sunday 10am – 9pm 

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Green Harbour Beach Club Rules



The Officers, Board Members and Lifeguards are authorized and required to enforce all rules and regulations of the Green Harbour Beach Club. All members and their guests are expected to conduct themselves under accepted rules of courtesy and consideration in all areas of the beach club. 

Lifeguards/Club Manager:

All requests, complaints and/or recommendations shall be first made to the Club Manager. If the matter remains unresolved, the matter should be brought to a Club Office at the Green Harbour Beach Club in Massapequa.



1. Anyone not listed in the Green Harbour Beach Club Directory is considered a guest.

2. Guests will not be permitted entry to the club unless accompanied by a club member. Upon entry, the club member must register the guest with the Club Manager and pay guest fee.

3. Guest fees are $5.00 per person.  Children under 5 are Free.  This season, we are offering complimentary guest days for Children Under 12 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

4. Credit Card Payments for Guests will ONLY be accepted for the 2019 Season.

5. Non-member guests are limited to three (3) visits per year. (Members who share a non-member friend can together only ask the guest to visit 3 times per year.)

6. Grandparents, babysitters and nannies are not considered members, but rather complimentary guests. They are to be signed in by the Club Manager at the entry gate.

7. Any member wishing to bring a group of guests: Must obtain approval and make prior arrangements with the GHBC Board

8. Members may not host more than 8 guests in one day  (including complimentary guests - grandparents/baby sitter/nanny)

9. All members should limit guests on weekend and holidays in order to avoid placing undue burden on the club during the busiest times.

10. Guests are not permitted entry to the club during specific events, parties or celebrations designated as club sponsored. These events are only open to current club members, unless otherwise specified on the invitation.

11. All members, children and their guests are expected to conduct themselves under accepted rules of the club, courtesy and consideration in all areas of the Club and for all other members. Members are responsible for their children and guests.



1.  A family cannot occupy more than one table (even when hosting guests).

2. GHBC does not permit saving tables. Do not ask a friend to hold a table for you and please do not set your table early in the day, leave and return later in the afternoon. Items on pre-set tables will be removed by the lifeguards.

3. Please do not use the refrigerator for weekly storage. It is shared space. Please remove your items at the end of each day. Please do not store cases of beer in the fridge - bring coolers for beverages. Please do not put any bait in the fridge.  Items left on Sunday evenings will be disposed of.

4. Diaper changing is only permitted on the men’s and ladies’ restroom changing table. Please do not change your child on patio tables or benches.

5. Using a tablecloth is recommended when eating at a table.

6. Clean grill utensils after use.  Do not place them in the sink expecting them to be washed by someone else.

7. Any silverware, cooking utensils, dishes, or cups borrowed from the kitchen must be washed and returned clean to the cabinets immediately.

8. Dirty dishes should not be left on the counter top nor in the sink at any time.

9. Please clean grill after each use.

10. Pizza boxes and other large trash items that take up garbage can space should be brought directly to the dumpster.

11. The club has provided recycle bins for all cans and bottles.  Please do not throw food waste into the recycle bins.

12. The club does not supply dish soap or sponge  - it is recommended to bring your own. 

13. Please refrain from playing loud music.

14. Alcohol should not be stored in the club house fridge.

15. Ice machine is strictly off-limits to children.  Adults only may retrieve ice from the machine.  Do not place any food, bait or drinks inside the ice machine.

16. The ice machine is for members to use while visiting the club.  Coolers are not to be filled with GHBC ice and taken off property.

17. Do not take more ice than is necessary for your personal use.  Be aware that ice production takes time and that ice may not always be available.



 Parking Lot:

1. Only (1) one car per family in the parking lot.

2. Guests should park on the street.

1. For the safety of your children, please tell your children to stay away from the kayak area.
2. Please remind your children not to throw sand into the bay. We lose quite a bit each year due to weather and have to replace it each season.
3. Wiffle balls are the only balls that are permitted to be hit with a bat.
4. No Pets are allowed
5. No Smoking (including Vaping) on Club Patio/Sand/Pool Area. Smoking is only allowed in the parking lot. 

6. Should the Club Manager and the Pool Company deem necessary, the Club can close at anytime due to Weather Conditions and any other Emergency Concerns. If this call is made, all Members and Guests at the Club will be notified and asked to leave immediately. Members and Guests MUST comply with these directions.

7. Under no uncertain terms, shall any children write on the handball court - either with marker or with burnt wood. Please ensure your children are aware of this club rule.

8. Please don't let the children take the soap into the sand. 



1. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR ADEQUATE SUPERVISION. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied to the club by a parent or guardian, (an adult responsible for the children and their behavior).
2. IN AN EMERGENCY, NOTIFY THE CLUB MANAGER OR HEAD LIFEGUARD AND CONTACT HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. A telephone is provided at this facility in the pool house located on the pool deck. Telephone numbers for the nearest emergency medical service are posted.
3. Only use this facility during posted hours of operation. Please reference website hours
4. Don’t drink alcohol and swim.
5. No glass is permitted in the pool area or on the pool deck (the area west of the patio). Beverages are permitted in plastic or paper only.
6. No food is permitted in the pool area or on the pool deck.
7. All swimmers must remove sand before entering either pool.
8. Infants and young children who are not bathroom trained, must wear swim diapers at all times when in either pool. Plastic Swim Diapers must be worn by all diaper age children. The plastic diaper must include elastic waist and leg. The plastic swim diaper MUST be worn over a disposable swim diaper.
9. The kiddie pool only has an attending lifeguard for peak hours. Even when a lifeguard is present, parents should remain in the kiddie pool area to supervise their children.
10. Swimmies, floats, tubes and toys are not permitted in either pool.
11. Only Coast Guard approved life jackets are permitted in the pool.
12. No one will be allowed to enter the main pool unless a Lifeguard is on duty.
13. Lifeguards are not to be asked to watch or care for any specific child or person while on duty. Proper supervision must be provided by the member (or caregiver) for their children.
14. Entry into the pool may be refused to anyone with skin abrasions, colds, coughs, inflamed eyes, infection or wearing bandages.
15. No diving is permitted from side of pool.
16. Only one person is permitted on the diving board at a time. Club Manager or Lifeguards may suspend diving temporarily if deemed necessary for safety.




Personal, Family or Guest parties are not allowed at GHBC on the patio, kitchen or any where else in the club. The only exception to this rule is pre-approved Children's parties for which the rules are located below.

Reserved Children's Parties: 

Parties for children 15 and under are allowed in season Monday - Friday from 11:30 am - 4:30 pm only for up to 15 children maximum. (not including the boy/girl member). The area by the club house under the overhang and the two picnic tables from the club house are only to be used. The cost is $200 for 2 hours or $350 for 4 hours. The date must be requested to the board and reserved in advance. All food, decor, favors, cake etc. are to be supplied by the member. There is to be no music or entertainment (clowns etc.) There is no parking in the lot for any guests. Parents of the guest children are welcome to stay during the party. The rule for only allowing parties to take place under the awning at GHBC was implemented so as not to take patio space away from members and to allow the party family privacy to enjoy their event. It also prevents members from feeling excluded from the party.  
Please Note: parties may only be hosted for a member's child -- not for nieces, nephews, cousins, etc.
If you are interested in reserving your date, please email

Bob Marley